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Artificial Intelligence Fidelity — AiFi

AiFi enables the seamless connection between any speaker — regardless of type, brand, or age! — and not only making them play together — but making it sound better together.

Our revolutionary technology will disrupt the market and democratize sound — putting the power back into the hands of the consumer!

The AiFi Revolution

– The Road to Democratizing the Sound Experience

Our AiFi App will hit the digital shelves in 2022. Consumer will have the power to let any smartphone or tablet connect and play together in one voice and drastically increasing sound volume and quality. Unlike existing products today e.g. Ampme and Rave, the AiFi app improves the sound experience (not just making things louder), is much more energy efficient (won’t drain your collective batteries), and best of all — it’s totally free!

In 2023, the AiFi Dongle will shake the very foundation of the sound world — Putting the power back in the hands of the consumer. The AiFi dongle will allow any old stereo, legacy sound system, or speaker to join your enhanced experience. The old speaker system in the living will no longer be off the grid — just attach our our inexpensive dongle and the system will seamlessly integrate with your phone, portable speaker, TV, Alexa, and any other device on your AiFi grid.

In 2024, our partners will start rolling out their products with AiFi® Inside technology embedded. These products will be able to seamlessly connect to each other, using the intelligent technology to make the world sound better. This will be the end of proprietary technologies forcing consumer to stay within one ecosystem. Any product without the AiFi Inside technology will suffer — imagine buying a speaker or a TV or a phone today that doesn’t have Bluetooth. Unthinkable, right?

Join the Sound Revolution

Do not hesitate, drop us a line in order to learn more about AiFi. We are ready for you.


AiFi as a technology has been proven in the market with Soundots and our licensing partnerships, garnering a variety of critical acclaim and industry recognitions.


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