Sound Dimension


AiFi® Artificial Intelligence Fidelity

The next de facto standard in sound experiences and audio connectivity — powering the sound revolution.

Our patented and award-winning AiFi® technology offers seamless connections across any type of AiFi-enabled speaker — regardless of type, brand, or age. AiFi make a product smarter and aware of itself and its environment and its next-generation algorithms tailor the sound to perfection.

The Audio Technology Behind AiFi®

The resonance technology consists of two cooperating technologies (algorithms) and AI makes sound units aware of and respond to themselves and their surroundings.

The technology is based upon vast experience in the fields of Audio and AI and is protected by original patents (granted) and new patent claims (pending).

Licencing the AiFi® technology

We collaborate top-tier brand partners across a wide array of products — from portable speakers to projectors to multi-use dongles — as our AiFi® technology is being rolled out, creating the next de facto standard in sound experience and audio connectivity.

If you have a sound product and you want to offer your customers the next de facto standard in sound, our AiFi technology is available for licensing.

Our license is available in three versions:

Join the Sound Revolution

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