The Experience of Sound

Sound Dimension is a groundbreaking audio technology that revolutionizes how we listen to sound. Based on years of R&D by Sound Wizard, Fredrik Gunnarson , Sound Dimension AB has created a platform for the audio industry to utilize these breakthrough technologies in a myriad of products.

The vision of Sound Dimension is to make an impactful and emotional aural experience while delivering the finest and most accurate sound available. We also pride ourselves on delivering cutting edge “smart” technology that meets today’s standards and requirements that enables Sound Dimension to provide outstanding Sonic experience in places one did not see possible before.

Your musical and cinematic experiences will be enhanced by our immersive, high-resolution sound like never before.

Our mission is to make this happen both through our own brands and strategic partnerships.

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Our Intellectual Property

Our technology is the backbone of our business. We make our technologies available to our partners in turnkey solutions under license. We also utilize our technologies in our own brands. This makes us more agile and allows us to support our partners in creating optimized, cost-effective and market-ready solutions.

Sound Dimension® Technology

– The Definition of Sound™

Soundots® Ai-1 Stacking Technology

Sound Dimension® technology delivers a pristine sound experience. By defining the dimensions of depth, width, and height of sound, a new level of clarity and spatiality is achieved. No matter if you listen to an audio book, your favorite music track, or the immersive sound of a movie, Sound Dimension® is there to ensure that your content is always defined and true.

In 1933 the father of stereo, Alan Dower Blumlein, illustrated the basic function of how the distance between loudspeakers can alter the sound image. Sound Dimension has built on Blumlein’s findings and has taken a giant leap forward by adopting key elements from vast binaural research and tailoring that to the physics of modern speaker array behavior and design.

Based on the physics of loudspeaker reproduction and the fundamentals of human perception of sound, Sound Dimension reproduces an undeniably accurate mono, stereo and surround experience from one single loudspeaker box. We utilize a back-to-basics binaural approach to sound reproduction that demands drivers be separated around 17cm or more to reproduce an immersive sound image that fills the room. With Sound Dimension technology, a stereo Lt/Rt signal can create a quality home cinema experience. By working with the tonal dimension, dynamic dimension and spatial dimension we are able to extend loudspeaker performance…hence the name Sound Dimension.

AiFi® Technology

– Making Products Smarter

AiFi®  stands for Artificial Intelligence Fidelity and makes a product smarter and aware of itself and its environment. We use this technology to tailor sound to perfection and makes for instance a small portable speaker to become a soundbar or even a hifi system when more of the same units are stacked together.

The AiFi®Technology is highly versatile and can control any imaginable function on its own or together with other technologies such as connected home applications like Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and Microsoft Cortana.

The application areas are practically unlimited to be anything from detecting visual, acoustic or mechanic input and make predictions and take action that may again be visual, acoustic mechanic action. Learn more about AiFi here:

Making Communication Happen

High Speed Communication Toolbox
Our High Speed IR technology is one component in our toolbox for high speed communication between units that’s utilized by our AiFi®Technology.

The toolbox can be adapted to handle any means of bidirectional data communication and sensors such as Visual, Optical, Acoustic, IR, BT Smart, BT, IFTTT, NFC, and WiFi to mention a few.

One golden example of where all of our technologies are deployed is in our previous brand named Soundots.

Collaborate With Us

Sound Dimension AB collaborates with A-Brand partners focused on portable, home and home entertainment market to make products available under their own brands. We can act as a fully fledged Product Development, R&D, and use our manufacturer partners in Taiwan and China with selected customers to make production happen or support our partner with our extensive expertise as consultants.

Typical products that we are part of is
– Portable speakers that when used together serve many purposes
– Portable Projectors to combine with portable speakers.
– TV
– Soundbars
– HiFi speakers

Selected Partners

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Who We Are

The Company

Sound Dimension AB was founded in 2013 based on the vision of enabling outstanding sound experiences for everyone. Our Head Quarters is located at Karlstad Innovation Park, Sweden at Karlstad University Campus.

Our Founder

Our founder and CTO, Fredrik Gunnarsson, goes by the name of “The Sound Wizard,” a nickname he earned working with products that were considered to be a lost cause that he magically made work. This was during his work with major Consumer Electronic brands in Europe, as well as in US and Asia, where he was involved in prototype and product development. It is his experience that is the core foundation of our vision and our company.

Fredrik’s core understanding of sound and music is due to his background as musician, combined with vast experiences as a sound engineer, both in Radio and TV broadcast, as well as the numerous albums he has done. Fredrik has also taught over 200 students in audio engineering at the Kulturama school of performing arts in Stockholm, where Fredrik founded the audio engineering department back in 1994. Several of his students have become prominent engineers, producers and songwriters around the globe today.


The experience of music is what has motivated Fredrik: “when a product is designed it is a must to understand that it is not solely the quality of the parts that makes you tap your feet, it is experiencing music in a superior way…this is what motivates me in all I do with sound.”