Our Intellectual Property
Our Back Bone is our technologies. We make our technologies available to our partners in turnkey solutions under license, these are of course also used in our own brands. This makes us more fit than anyone to support our partners as we do know how to optimize what we provide, for sure.

The Sound Dimension Technology - Making Any Speaker Sound Big

This is the technology that named the company, the Sound Dimension technology.  This technology is derived from the extended knowledge and experience of designing hundreds of prototypes and products for major consumer electronic brands in USA, Europe and Asia that our SoundWizard and founder Fredrik Gunnarsson have been involved in over the years.

The technology restores the Tonal dimension, that make the Treble Mids and Bass to be in balance and makes the sound to be as homogenous as possible. The Dynamic Dimension makes use of the parts of the spectra depending on what level is played. This is among other things making the bass performance to be way beyond what the speaker naturally should be possible to reproduce. Last but not least is the spatial dimension. This is based on a back to basics binaural approach to sound reproduction and demands drivers separated around 17cm or more to be able to reproduce a stable sound image that even extend well out in the room, making a Lt Rt signal to be a perfect companion to make a good home cinema experience.

All these Dimensions work together in our technology, hence the name Sound Dimension.

The AiFi Technology - Making Products Smarter

AiFi®  stands for Artificial Intelligence Fidelity and makes a product smarter and aware of itself and its environment. In our own products we use this technology to tailor sound to perfection.

The AiFi®Technology is highly versatile and can control any imaginable function on its own or together with other technologies such as connected home applications like Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and Microsoft Cortana.

The application areas are practically unlimited to be anything from detecting visual, acoustic or mechanic input and make predictions and take action that may again be visual, acoustic mechanic action.

High Speed Communication Toolbox - Making Communication Happen

Our High Speed IR technology is one component in our toolbox for high speed communication between units that utilized by our AiFi®Technology.

The toolbox can be adapted to handle any means of bidirectional data communication and sensors such as Visual, Optical, Acoustic, IR, BT Smart, BT, IFTTT, NFC, and WiFi to mention a few.

One golden example of where all of our technologies are deployed is in our first brand named Soundots.