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Sound Dimension® is dedication to developing best-in-class technology as the backbone of our business. We now are providing our technology to partners through licensing agreements. This makes us more agile and allows us to support our partners in creating optimized, cost-effective and high-performance audio solutions.


Our AiFi Sound Technology is what we provide our partners to optimize the performance of their products under license beyond our core AiFi Technology.

Expanding upon Soundot’s ground-breaking success, AiFi Sound Technology is provided in three packages, all of which can be controlled by our AiFi Technology to enhance and tailor the performance that each package has to offer:

  • AiFi® Immersive: spatial sound from a compact form factor
  • AiFi® Downmix: enabling multichannel formats (5.1, 7.1) to be reproduce by AiFi Immersive
  • AiFi® Bass: extending the low frequency performance

The Definition of Sound™

Sound Dimension has developed a range of technology that delivers pristine sound experiences. By defining the dimensions of depth, width, and height of sound, a new level of clarity and spatiality is achieved. No matter if you listen to an audio book, your favorite music track, or the immersive sound of a movie, Sound Dimension is there to ensure that your content is always defined and true.

In 1933 the father of stereo, Alan Dower Blumlein, illustrated the basic function of how the distance between loudspeakers can alter the sound image. Sound Dimension has built on Blumlein’s findings and has taken a giant leap forward by adopting key elements from vast binaural research and tailoring that to the physics of modern speaker array behavior and design.

Based on the physics of loudspeaker reproduction and the fundamentals of human perception of sound, Sound Dimension’s expertise is in reproducing an undeniably accurate mono, stereo and surround experience from one single loudspeaker box. We utilize a back-to-basics binaural approach to sound reproduction that demands drivers be separated around 17cm or more to reproduce an immersive sound image that fills the room.

With Sound Dimension technology, a stereo Lt/Rt signal can create a quality home cinema experience. Ultimately by working with the tonal dimension, dynamic dimension and spatial dimension we are able to extend loudspeaker performance.

Soundots® Ai-1 Stacking Technology
Soundots® Ai-1 Stacking Technology


Making Products Smarter

AiFi stands for Artificial Intelligence Fidelity and makes a sound unit smarter, enabling it to be aware of itself and its environment. We use this technology to tailor sound to perfection and can make a small portable speaker perform more like a soundbar. And when more units are connected, AiFi Technology can rival some high performance sound systems.

AiFi Technology is highly versatile and can control any imaginable function on its own or together with other technologies such as connected home applications including Amazon Alexa, Apple Home Kit, and Microsoft Cortana.

The areas of application are practically unlimited, including detecting visual, acoustic or mechanic input and making predictions to drive visual, acoustic or mechanic actions.

AiFi Technology runs on a standard speaker S.O.C. and can be integrated at the chip level in audio products, which adds value for manufacturers by delivering a better collective sound experience for consumers.

Making Communication Happen

High-Speed Communication Toolbox
Our High-Speed IR Technology is one component in our toolbox for high-speed communication between units that’s utilized by our AiFi Technology.

The toolbox can be adapted to handle any means of bidirectional data communication and sensors such as Visual, Optical, Acoustic, IR, BT Smart, BT, IFTTT, NFC, and WiFi, among others.

A golden example of how all of our technology was synchronized successfully was with Soundots, our critically acclaimed previous brand.