The Company
Sound Dimension AB was founded in 2013 based on the Vision of Enabling Outstanding Sound Experiences for Everyone. Our Head Quarter is at Karlstad Innovation Park, Sweden at Karlstad University Campus. There are two branch offices in United States and Taiwan.

Our Founder
Our founder and CEO is Fredrik Gunnarsson a citizen of Säffle in exile, that goes under the name The Soundwizard, a nickname he earned due to the skill he showed with products that was considered by many to be a lost cause that he like magic made to work despite the difficult conditions. This was during his work with major Consumer Electronic brands both in Europe as well as in US and Asia where he was involved in prototype and product development in one of his former companys. It is his experience that is the core foundation to our Vision and our company.

it is the experience of music that at all times have motivated Fredrik:
“when a product is designed it is a must to understand that it is not solely the quality of the parts that makes you tap your feet, it is the experience of the music in superior way, and it is not always what one think makes things work that really work, this is what motivates me in all I do with Sound." 

This core understanding of sound and music is something that Fredrik have been brought up to understand with this background as musichan combined with the vast experiences as a sound engineer for both Radio and TV broadcast as well as the numerous albums he has done have given. Fredrik have also educated 200 students in audio engineering at the school of performing arts Kulturama in Stockholm where Fredrik founded the audio engineering department back in 1994. several of his students was contaminated by Fredriks Passion about sound and music and are prominent engineers, producers or songwriters around the globe today.