Sound Dimension

Brands & Partnerships

Brands & Partnerships

Sound Dimension collaborates top-tier brand partners across a wide array of products — from portable speakers to projectors to multi-use dongles — as our AiFi® technology is being rolled out, creating the next de facto standard in sound experience and audio connectivity.

Typical products that we are part of is:

  • Portable speakers that when used together serve many purposes
  • Portable Projectors to combine with portable speakers
  • TV
  • Soundbars
  • HiFi speakers

Powering Award Winning Products

AiFi as a technology have been proven in the market and as seen in some of the comments from the press we can rival high end performance.

Licencing the AiFi® technology

If you have a sound product and you want to offer your customers the next de facto standard in sound, our AiFi technology is available for licensing.

Contacts us for more detailed information of how you can join the sound revolution.

Learn more about our AiFi technology here:

Join the Sound Revolution

Do not hesitate, drop us a line in order to learn more about AiFi. We are ready for you.