Mobile Phone Takes Streaming Video to the Next Level

Mobile Phone Takes Streaming Video to the Next Level

Sound Dimension, a leader in innovative AI-based sound solutions, makes it possible to enjoy multispeaker movie sound without a soundbar or surround sound system. The technology, called AiFi Together Video, integrates directly into streaming service apps and delivers a significantly enhanced audio experience when mobile phone speakers are synchronized with TV sound.

"We recently introduced AiFi Together Video for streaming services. This means that providers can now offer their users a powerful audio experience from an ordinary TV, or even from an iPad. The movie experience is taken to a new level when we, in a way that is completely intuitive for the user, synchronize ordinary mobile phones and turn them into surround speakers," says Sound Dimension's CEO Rickard Riblom.

For streaming services, AiFi Together Video not only means an improved experience for users, the technology also creates opportunities for increased revenue. The streaming video market is worth USD 96 billion per year according to, and is growing rapidly. However, one of the industry's biggest challenges is getting new users to their apps and keeping users engaged. Streaming services that offer AiFi Together Video can get many more active users as multiple mobile phones are active at the same time when users watch a movie or TV series.

"We can simply multiply the number of daily users for a streaming service. Once inside the streaming service's app, new users can also discover other movies or series and increase their use of the service," says Rickard Riblom. For Sound Dimension, this means that we can offer the streaming service to pay us only when they receive increased revenue – a classic win-win situation.

A link to a demo app for AiFi Together Video is available on the AppStore:

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Sound Dimension has developed patented and award-winning technical solutions that combine audio technology and artificial intelligence (AI). The company develops, sells and licenses its AiFi technology (short for Artificial Intelligence Fidelity) to enable all available speakers to connect – regardless of brand or type – to a unified audio experience, optimized by AI. The goal is for AiFi to establish a new de facto standard for sound. Sound Dimension has developed AiFi Streaming, which is marketed to streaming service providers, and AiFi Inside, which is aimed at manufacturers of Bluetooth speakers. Sound Dimension was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Karlstad. The company was listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in October 2021 (Ticker: SOUND).