Sound Dimension has done a test implementation with Melodies Solutions

Sound Dimension has done a test implementation with Melodies Solutions

By integrating Sound Dimension's audio technology into Melodies Music, users of the streaming service can create a surround experience with friends who are nearby. The music is then played from all user's friends' phones simultaneously, creating a much more comprehensive sound of higher quality than if only one mobile phone plays the same music.

"Our mission at Melodies is to strengthen our customers' user base through innovative music solutions – whether it happens through increased customer lifespan, higher revenue per customer, better customer interaction or as in this case increased opportunity for spreading to new users. Sound Dimension's technology is therefore exciting both from our customers' and end-users' perspective as it can change how and when users play and share music. In addition, the technology allows users to engage their friends which means that our customers can achieve an additional dimension of customer growth and increased customer engagement," says Melodies CEO Ludwig Ekström.

"This is an important milestone for us as we now show that our solution AiFi Together is both technically feasible and attractive to customers. Now we know that our technology works and can be quickly implemented at our customers," says Rickard Riblom, CEO Sound Dimension.

For more information, please contact:

Sound Dimension AB

CEO Rickard Riblom

Tel: +46-70-4442479,

Melodies Solutions International AB

CEO Ludwig Ekström,

Tel: +46-70-843 3628,

About Sound Dimension AB

Sound Dimension has developed patented and award-winning technical solutions that combine audio technology and artificial intelligence (AI). The company develops, sells and licenses its AiFi technology (abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence Fidelity) to enable all available speakers to connect – regardless of brand, or type – to a unified sound experience, optimized by AI. The goal is for AiFi to establish a new de facto standard for sound. Sound Dimension has developed AiFi Streaming which is marketed to providers of streaming services and AiFi Inside which targets manufacturers of Bluetooth speakers. Sound Dimension was founded in 2013 and has its headquarters in Karlstad. The company was listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in October 2021 (Ticker: SOUND).

About Melodies Solutions International AB

Melodies Solutions is a Swedish company founded in 2019 that helps companies increase customer engagement through music. Melodies platform makes it possible to launch its own music service with playlists directly in its own environment or via App – the customers set the business model and concept, Melodies handles rights, royalties, reporting and technology. An opportunity for companies to both stand out and cost-effectively improve customer engagement, loyalty and ultimately the profitability of users.

Melodies operates within Sweden, the Baltic States, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, focusing on innovative music solutions for companies.