Sound Dimension has tested AiFiTogether with Tesla and it works – Elon, we have fixed your Party Mode!

Sound Dimension has tested AiFiTogether with Tesla and it works – Elon, we have fixed your Party Mode!

Sound Dimension in Karlstad, Sweden, has developed a unique technology, which, with the help of artificial intelligence, AI, seamlessly connects and control Bluetooth speakers, smart phones, and other sound sources in a room so that they together create a completely new optimized sound experience – not WiFi, but AiFi.

But that's not all, Sound Dimension now shows that the technology works perfectly also with Elon Musk's Tesla cars, which can be connected through AiFi and thus form a giant "boom box" – together providing a synchronized, wider, and stronger sound image. Is this maybe the solution for the "Party Mode function" that Elon promised back in 2018, but which has not yet seen the light of day?


"That's right, we've connected a number of Teslas and made them play music together, creating a great sound. Our technology can do more than that, but we thought it was fun to see if it worked, and now we have proof that we can fix Elon's much talked about “Party Mode”. When we listen to music, both endorphins and dopamine are released, substances that make us happy, and good music at a party is what creates the atmosphere, right?", says Thomas Bergdahl, CEO of Sound Dimension.

“So, Elon, we know you have a lot on your plate, but if you're reading this, of course you're most welcome to call us, and we promise to show you what we can do. And if you think the trip to Sound Dimension in Karlstad is too long, it's fine to look at the link, where you can see how to fix an absolutely unbeatable party sound on its own," Thomas Bergdahl continues.


The AiFiTogether app, launched in the summer of 2022, constitutes "proof of concept" for the AiFi Streaming service, aimed at providers of streaming services. Streaming services have a very large reach in terms of number of listeners, and with AiFi Streaming, the sound quality is greatly improved because Sound Dimensions' solution is built into the actors' own apps. In the summer of 2023, AiFi inside will be launched, a solution that allows Sound Dimensions' technology to be inserted directly into the chips that speaker manufacturers use in their production – the functionality for interconnection and sound optimization is thus present in the speakers from the start, regardless of whether it is a standard Bluetooth speaker in the kitchen, or one that is built into a Tesla. Hearing is believing!


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About Sound Dimension

Sound Dimension® has developed patented and award-winning technical solutions that combine sound technology and artificial intelligence (AI).

The company develops, sells, and licenses its AiFi® Technology (short for Artificial-Intelligence Fidelity) to enable all available speakers to connect – irrespective of brand, age, type – into one unison, chorus-like sound experience, controlled by an app and optimized by AI. Ultimately, AiFi aims to establish a new de facto standard for sound connectivity.

Headquartered at Innovation Park on the Karlstad University Campus in Karlstad, Sweden, Sound Dimension was founded in 2013 and is listed on the Spotlight Stock Market after an IPO in October 2021 (Ticker: SOUND).