Today, Sound Dimension launches its AiFi® technology for beta testing. Also, Sound Dimension debuts its first video to demonstrate the surprisingly powerful AiFi sound experience, created by just 5 phones, connected seamlessly.  Watch it HERE.


AiFi is for real: Soon you can “HEAR THE WOW” for yourself and with your friends. The AiFi® App beta test will run for approximately two months prior to the soft launch before the full-scale launch that is planned for later this year. If you are interested in learning more or being considered as an AiFi early adopter, please sign up at


How it works: Short for artificial-intelligence fidelity, AiFi is a unique, patented, and already commercially proven sound technology. The AiFi App empowers any user to start a “jam” and control the music played. Others in a group can easily connect their phones and all people present will experience how the sound quality goes up dramatically for each phone that is added. Additionally, to demonstrate the power of AiFi, users will be able to compare the sound experience with or without the artificial-intelligence algorithms.


The 3 steps: The first version of AiFi (step 1) will be available as a free download, leading to adoption at scale. More options will be available later in a premium version (step 2) and ultimately, AiFi Inside technology will be embedded and licensed at the chip level (step 3). This way, the full potential of AiFi Inside will be showcased by partners seeking to easily connect and optimize the sound experience for their consumers.


Thomas Bergdahl, CEO comments: “Sound Dimension is on track to make the world hear and understand the power of AiFi. We all have several disjointed devices with sound, such as phones, tablets and speakers, around us. The challenge – and our big opportunity – is that these can be combined to create a unison sound experience with AiFi, like a chorus.”


Fredrik Gunnarsson, founder and CTO says: “Our quest is to make a better sound experience to share with friends and family. Seeing how our users experience that a-ha moment, when the AiFi chorus is created by our algorithms, truly warms my heart. This is an important first step towards setting a new de facto standard in sound”.


About Sound Dimension: Sound Dimension® has developed the patented and award-winning AiFi® Technology (short for Artificial-Intelligence Fidelity) to enable all available speakers to connect – irrespective of brand, age, type – into one unison, chorus-like sound experience, controlled by an app and optimized by AI. Headquartered at Innovation Park on the Karlstad University Campus in Karlstad, Sweden, Sound Dimension AB was founded in 2013 and was listed on the Spotlight Stock Market in October 2021 (Ticker: SOUND).


For more information contact:

Thomas Bergdahl, CEO, Sound Dimensions AB


phone: +46 54 183 910, +46 76-601 05 31.


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