Sound Dimension

IPO 2021 ENG

Invitation to subscribe for shares in Sound Dimension AB

An investment in a small, pre-revenue business offering a huge opportunity
based on a powerful and proven technology alongside a unique team with a strong strategy
– and a very limited technological risk.

Information about the listing

How to subscribe

The following is a description of how to subscribe for units in Sound Dimension
as part of its ongoing listing on Spotlight Stock Market, Sweden.

Danish investors

To subscribe digitally, you can use this link

As a Danish investor, you can subscribe via Nordnet only, using the link above. Other Danish banks may not facilitate subscription in Spotlight IPOs. 

After the listing, Danish investors will be able to trade the shares and warrants via Nordnet. It will normally also be possible to trade the share through many of the major banks in Denmark.

If you have questions, or wish to place a large subscription, please contact:

Gemstone Capital A/S
Kristoffer Lippert
Phone: +45 27 85 54 44

Swedish investors

You can subscribe using the following links, or visit our Swedish page for details in Swedish.

Other banks may also be willing to receive your subscription form, in which case they must send it to Hagberg & Aneborn in due time. Alternatively, you may also send your completed and signed subscription form directly to: 

Hagberg & Aneborn Fondkommission AB
Matter: Sound Dimension
Valhallavägen 124
114 41 Stockholm
Phone: 08-408 933 50
Fax: 08-408 933 51
E-mail:, (include the scanned subscription form)


To be eligible for subscribing for, and afterwards trade with, the warrants granted in a unit offering, investors must answer a brief 6-question quiz on the Nordnet platform. To assist you, we have supplied a guide to the quiz below.

1Have you previously invested in share-related financial instruments, such as warrants and/or preference shares?If you have had experience with any share-related instruments, you can answer yes.
2Does a preference share have a predefined dividend?Yes, a preference share does carry a pre-defined dividend. 
3Is a convertible an interest-bearing financial instrument, which under certain conditions can convert into a share?Yes, a convertible is financial instrument that can convert into a share.
4Do you, as the owner of a warrant, have the right, but not the obligation, to subscribe for shares on predefined terms?Yes, a warrant grants the owner a right, but not an obligation, to subscribe for new shares on predefined terms.
5Can you, as the owner of a warrant, lose more money than you have invested?As owner of a warrant, you cannot lose more money than you have invested
6Should you have the habit of acting on your warrant, meaning either selling it or exercising your right to subscribe for new shares?Yes, an investor should always either sell the warrant, or exercise the right to subscribe for new shares.

Summary of conditions

Subscription period
Aug 30 – Sep 13 2021.

Subscription price
SEK 7.50 per unit consisting of one (1) share and one (1) free warrant series TO 1. Brokerage is not paid.

Subscription commitment
The minimum subscription commitment is 600 units, corresponding to SEK 4,500. Therafter in any number of units. 

Emission volume
2 000 000 shares

Issue amount
Maximum SEK 15 million

Number of shares before issue
3 051 365 shares

Valuation (pre-money)
Approximately SEK 22.9 million

Subscription commitments
7,5 MSEK (50%)

Preliminary first trading day
Oct 6 2021 at Spotlight Stock Market.

Ticker & ISIN code (stock)
SOUND & SE0016589063

Conditions for the subscription warrant

Subscription period
October 2022

Subscription terms
The subscription warrant (TO 1) gives for each held warrant, 12 months after the first day of trading in the Company’s share and for a period of 10 trading days, the right to subscribe for one (1) new share at a subscription price of 70% of the volume-weighted average price over the 15 trading days directly before the first subscription day.

Detailed warrant terms

Introducing Sound Dimension

Introducing Sound Dimension

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Interview Part 3


If you are like most people, you probably have several speakers in your home. A sound system. A phone.  A Smart Speaker. And you can connect to each of them. But have you ever wondered why they can’t all connect to each other? So did we. And we fixed it.  

Introducing AiFi®.


At Sound Dimension we have been developing cutting-edge and award-winning audio technologies and sound products since 2013. And with our patented technology Artificial Intelligence Fidelity, AiFi, we are creating the next de facto standard that will revolutionize the world of sound — by connecting speakers, regardless of type, brand, or age, and not only making them play together, but making them sound better together.

AiFi is the proven, patented, and revolutionary technology that makes it possible. And we are now making it available to the world!


Sound Dimension’s vision is to integrate AiFi technology into newly manufactured audio devices at chip level, thereby making AiFi a de facto standard on the market for all connected audio devices – regardless of brand, size or task.

The company’s board believes that AiFi Inside was established as a de facto standard when AiFi achieved a market share per product category of:

  • 30 % on market share for Bluetooth speakers
  • 20 % on market share for smart speakers
  • 10 % on market share for projectors

The company’s goal is to have achieved the above market shares by 2030.

Published events and articles

Understanding micro-listings
(in Danish)

Press Releases



Sound Dimension har genomfört tidigare aviserad kvittningsemission

Sound Dimension AB (”Sound Dimension” eller ”Bolaget”) har genomfört, parallellt med nyss avslutad noteringsemission, en kvittningsemission till brygglånefinansiärerna. Totalt kvittas lån inklusive premie om dryga 1,7 MSEK mot 228 963 Units, till samma villkor som i noteringsemissionen.  Inför den kommande noteringen av Bolagets aktier på Spotlight Stock Market upptog Bolaget ett …


Sound Dimensions noteringsemission övertecknad

Sound Dimension AB (”Sound Dimension” eller ”Bolaget”) offentliggör härmed utfallet av erbjudandet att förvärva units i Bolaget i samband med noteringen av Bolagets aktier och teckningsoptioner på Spotlight Stock Market (”Erbjudandet”). Emissionen om 15 MSEK tecknades till cirka 15,1 MSEK, vilket motsvarar en teckningsgrad om cirka 101%. VD Thomas Bergdahl …



Aktieägarna i Sound Dimension AB, 556940-9708, kallas härmed till extra bolagsstämma tisdagen den 5 oktober 2021 kl. 10.00. Mot bakgrund av spridningen av Covid-19 kommer den extra bolagsstämman att hållas elektroniskt med stöd av tillfälliga lagregler. Rätt att delta och anmälanAktieägare som önskar delta vid extra bolagsstämman ska vara införd …


Sound Dimension AB har godkänts för notering på Spotlight Stock Market och offentliggör memorandum


Press Releases




Sound Dimension har tagit fram en fungerande prototyp för sin kommande app som möjliggör att flera smartphones, surfplattor etc. kan arbeta tillsammans för att skapa en AI-optimerad ljudupplevelse med hjälp av AiFi®-teknik (Artificiell Intelligence Fidelity). I bolagets noteringsmemorandum och relaterat material har Sound Dimension tidigare meddelat att man genomför en …



Progress update: Sound Dimension has successfully established a working prototype for its upcoming app that will be able to make several smartphones, tablets, etc. work together in creating an AI optimized sound experience, using the AiFi® technology (Artificial Intelligence Fidelity). As part of its IPO Memorandum and related material, Sound …



Sound Dimension announces its upcoming investor events that will take place during the remaining part of the subscription period (until Monday, September 13, incl). Tuesday, 7 September at 20:30-20:55 (evening): Aktiespararna (in Swedish) Sound Dimension will participate in the “Aktiedagen Stockholm” (digital). Access the transmission here: september-2021-digitalt-evenemangAfter the event, …



Sound Dimension meddelar sina kommande investerarevent som kommer att äga rum under den återstående delen av teckningssperioden (fram till måndag den 13:e september, inkl.). Tisdag, 7:e september kl. 20:30-20:55 (kväll): Aktiespararna (på Svenska)Sound Dimension kommer att delta i ” Aktiedagen Stockholm” (digitalt).Få tillgång till sändningen här: september-2021-digitalt-evenemangEfter eventet kommer …

IPO Calendar

Aug 30 2021Listing memorandum published
Aug 31 2021First subscription day
Sep 13 2021Last subscription day
Sep 14 2021Publication of issue outcome
Sep 15 2021Allocation decision
Oct 6 2021Preliminary first trading day on Spotlight Stock Market

Financial Calendar

Nov 19 2021Interim report for the first nine months of the year
Feb 18 2022Year-end report for the full year of 2021
Apr 13 2022Annual Report 2021
May 6 2022Interim Report for Q1 2022
May 13 2022Annual General Meeting
Aug 26 2022Interim Report for the first half of the 2022
Nov 18 2022Interim Report for the first nine months of the 2022


Since the Annual General Meeting on April 9, 2021, the elected auditor Ernst & Young AB has been the authorized public accountant Johan Eklund.


Ulf Lindstén

Chairman of the Board

Ulf was CEO of Doro Care AB during the period 2013-2017 and sat on the management team of Doro AB, listed on Nasdaq Main Market. Ulf was also the founder and board member of Teligent AB 1990 -1996 and CEO of Teligent AB (publ) 1996-2005, which was listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange’s O-list in 1999. Ulf currently runs his own business in the company Coastal Sweden AB.

Shares in Sound Dimension AB
50,000 (via Coastal Sweden AB). Ulf is independent in relation to the company, company management and major shareholders.

Ongoing assignments
Chairman of the Board of Lightair AB, PSE of Stockholm AB, Coastal Sweden AB, CHSE Progolf AB, Kenth Lindgren Event AB.

Previous assignments in the last five years
VD för Doro Care AB, 2013-2017, VD Coastal Sweden Music AB.

Co-ownerships over 10 percent in the last five years
Coastal Sweden AB, Kenth lindgren Event AB, P&L Musikfastighet AB,
Gul Music AB, OL Property AB, CHSE Progolf AB, Shoar Music AB.

Maria Mörner

Board member

Maria has a degree in economics from the Gothenburg School of Economics. She has extensive experience from the film and television industry, where she has held leading positions at companies such as Warner Bros. Sweden and Sandrew Metronome for over 25 years. Maria has been active in Nordsvensk Filmunderhållning AB since 2013, a privately owned investment company focusing on investments in the film and entertainment industry.

Shares in Sound Dimension AB
8,333 shares. Maria is independent in relation to the company, company management and major shareholders.

Ongoing assignments
Board member of Nordsvensk Filmindunderhållning AB, vice chairman of the Filmkamraternas Understödsfond Foundation.

Previous assignments in the last five years
Chairman of Stockholm Film Fund AB (formerly Film Capital Stockholm AB), Board member and Country Manager at the Seed Forum Sweden Foundation and project manager at Live at Heart Örebro.

Co-ownerships over 10 percent in the last five years
Nordsvensk Filmunderhållning AB

Björn Walther

Board member

Björn has previously been Partner Manager / Head of Northern Europe Nosto Solutions AB, CEO of Levvel and Partner Manager / Head of Projects at Panagora Room AB during the period 2007-2017.

Shares in Sound Dimension AB
4,760 shares (through Walther & Gathe AB). Björn is independent in relation to the company, company management and major shareholders.

Ongoing assignments
Styrelseordförande Walther & Gathe AB, Styrelseledamot Wetail AB, Interim head of e-commerce Voi Technologies AB. 

Previous assignments in the last five years
Chairman of the Board Walther & Gathe AB, Board member Wetail AB, Interim head of e-commerce Voi Technologies AB.

Co-ownerships over 10 percent in the last five years
Wetail AB

Martin Sjöstrand

Board member

Martin has a degree in Computer Science from Chalmers University of Technology. Martin was CEO of Powerbox AB in 2014-2019 and has been CEO of Optoplexia AB since 2019.

Shares in Sound Dimension AB
11,900 shares. Martin is independent in relation to the company, company management and major shareholders.

Ongoing assignments
Board member of Lexplore AB, Lexplore Nordic AB and Deputy Board member of Precognition AB (all subsidiaries of Optopexia AB) and LeaderAbillity AB.

Previous assignments in the last five years

Co-ownerships over 10 percent in the last five years
LeaderAbility AB

Victor Isaksen

Board member

Victor has a master’s degree in technical physics from the University of Oslo. He has ten leading roles at Ericsson, including development of intelligent networks, CEO of Cetevo AB, responsible for and developed two major start-up environments in Sweden (Inova and Sting Bioeconomy) and worked as CEO of Färjestadstravet.

Shares in Sound Dimension AB
131,670 shares (through Doriva AB). Victor is independent in relation to the company, company management and major shareholders.

Ongoing assignments
CEO and Board member of Stall Vicdoriva, CEO and Board member of Doriva AB, CEO of Inipsum Bioeconomy AB and board member of Sound Dimension AB.

Previous assignments in the last five years
Chairman of the Board of Sound Dimension AB.

Co-ownerships over 10 percent in the last five years
Stall Vicdoriva, Doriva AB, Sound Dimension AB.

Management team

Thomas Bergdahl


Thomas has a master’s degree in Industrial Economics from Linköping University. He has worked at Doro AB for over 17 years in various roles, including as Deputy CEO and VP Product Development.

Shares in Sound Dimension AB
106,120 shares (through NoRegrets AB).

Ongoing assignments
Board member of NoRegrets AB.

Previous assignments in the last five years
Board member Doro Hong Kong Ltd.

Co-ownerships over 10 percent in the last five years
NoRegrets AB

Robert Thorén



Robert has a Master’s degree in economics from Karlstad University. He has several years of experience in CFO roles in large and medium-sized companies.

Robert has also previously been a consultant in connection with listings of companies on First North (Ytrade Group AB, Hemcheck Sweden AB and Strax).

Shares in Sound Dimension AB
Owns no shares.

Ongoing assignments
Board member Trenet Consulting AB, Replace AB, CFO (consultant) Hemcheck Sweden AB, Business Consultant KW Fastigheter Holding AB.

Previous assignments in the last five years
Chairman of the Board of Urbanista AB, Consultant in charge of finance, Strax Nordic AB.

Co-ownerships over 10 percent in the last five years
Trenet Consulting AB, Replace AB, Linhult Consulting AB.

Fredrik Gunnarsson

CTO and founder

Musicians who progressed through recording techniques to develop technology and products for leading brands in consumer electronics and the Pro Sound industry.

Shares in Sound Dimension AB
380,520 shares (through Heedberget AB).

Ongoing assignments
Board member of Heedberget AB.

Previous assignments in the last five years
CEO Sound Dimension, Tekninkkonsult, Heedberget AB.

Co-ownerships over 10 percent in the last five years
Sound Dimension AB, HeedBerget AB.

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The regulations and share prices can be found on Spotlight’s website (

Contact Sound Dimension

Thomas Bergdahl (CEO)
+46 54 183 910

Financial advisor

Gemstone Capital A/S
Strandvejen 60, 2900 Hellerup
+45 33 22 07 00

Issuing institute

Hagberg & Aneborn Fondkommission AB
Valhallavägen 124, 114 41 Stockholm
+46 8 408 933 50