Progress update: Sound Dimension has successfully established a working prototype for its upcoming app that will be able to make several smartphones, tablets, etc. work together in creating an AI optimized sound experience, using the AiFi® technology (Artificial Intelligence Fidelity).

As part of its IPO Memorandum and related material, Sound Dimension has previously announced that it is pursuing a three-step strategy towards setting a new de-facto standard within sound. The first important step in this direction is the introduction of an app in 2022 that will enable the user to activate a number of smartphones, tablets, etc. to become optimized speakers controlled from one of the connected units.

In its second step, Sound Dimension will launch a Dongle in 2023, which can be applied with any other existing speaker in a room, that being a smart-speaker, Bluetooth speaker, TV-set speaker, or even sound system speakers. The third and final step, AiFi Inside, is to embed the AiFi technology at chip level with the speaker manufacturers through licensing, starting in 2024

The underlying AiFi technology to make these steps possible is already in place, proven and patented as a result of Sound Dimensions previous profile as a hardware company with own speakers for sale. However, the most difficult bridge to cross from a technical perspective has been the ability to transfer the AiFi technology across from its internal environment to a proprietary third platform.

It is therefore important that Sound Dimension has now become able to perform and demonstrate the deployment of the AiFi technology (control, connectivity, etc.) on an iPhone that takes over control of another iPhone in order for the two (or several) units to perform synchronized sound in order to apply Sound Dimensions proprietary technology to Apple OS.

Please note: The progress update above is in line with Sound Dimensions previous statements about timelines and commercial milestones. Sound Dimension management will be making several company presentations in the coming days, ref. yesterday’s press-release, and would like to ensure that updates are made available generally and not in single presentations or audiences only, given that the company is currently in its subscription period.

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Brief about Sound Dimension:

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Sound Dimension has developed patented technical solutions that combine sound technology and artificial intelligence (AI). The company develops, sells and licenses its AiFi (Short for Artificial Intelligence Fidelity) technology with a goal to enable all available speakers to connect – irrespective of brand, age, position, etc. into one unison sound-experience, controlled by an app and optimized by AI. The ultimate goal is to establish a new de-facto standard for sound. The company was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Karlstad, Sweden.